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About Us

Luigi Chiussi founded his prestigious tailoring and shirt-making business, L. Chiussi & figlio, as early as 1868.

His son Antonio expanded the renown of the well-established company all over Italy and even abroad when the famous Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio lived in Fiume as this Udine tailor supplied D’Annunzio with many of his suits and shirts, now on display in the Vittoriale Museum, on Lake Garda.

The Italian royal family also honoured Chiussi with their patronage, ordering suits for the prefects attending the wedding of King Emanuele Filiberto. Other customers included the Genoa cavalry offers stationed in Palmanova, and some of the uniforms they ordered, still in pristine condition, can be seen on display in Turin’s Risorgimento Museum.

Giorgio, Antonio’s son, contributed to enhancing the popularity of the brand when he clothed not only high-profile entrepreneurs like Illy, owner of the coffee factory, Zanussi owner of the white goods factory, and Menazzi Moretti owner of Udine’s “Moretti” brewery, but also cultural figures like Nino Zà the famous caricaturist, the Basaldella brothers whose work is now exhibited in important museums worldwide, and many others, including ambassadors of the various countries whose embassies were present both in Trieste and in Venice. In more recent times the family’s reputation has developed around Italy also through the many book and magazine references of international influence.

One of the most famous customers today is actor Giorgio Albertazzi, who never fails to order from Chiussi when he works in Friuli.

The business, now in its fifth generation, is in the hands of Mario and Linda Chiussi, and their son Giorgio who, since 2011, has created the first ready-to-wear collections for man that have been presented also at Pitti Uomo.

Chiussi shirts

Buttons and buttonholes have always been a stamp of elegance. Each Chiussi buttonhole is handmade, cut first with a special tool then carefully stitched with great skill.

Details like this deserve only the best buttons, like those made from the heart of Australian mother-of-pearl. Small, refined fastener gems.
Every Chiussi shirt seam features an imperceptible, very short, fine stitch: twelve per centimetre.
The quality of a result is often a question of numbers, like the topstitched side seams that are only three millimetres wide and finished with a box gusset; the perfectly sewn two-millimetre hems are virtually invisible.

The company’s pride and joy is an exclusive, sophisticated fabric inlay technique. An insert is hand cut and ironed, then attached to collars and cuffs using a method similar to intarsia: a tailoring skill refined over the years and still in use today by tailors who know how to make every detail a discreet symbol of tradition.

Made-to-measure: an increasingly rare service that allows the customer to express his personality by what he wears. An exclusive option that shows just how much Chiussi wants to safeguard the most important traits of Italian haute couture.

The customer can choose fabrics, cuff and collar style, yoke cut, all the elements that make up a shirt, to suit his needs. Not to mention hand-embroidered initials, a unique style detail offered in various attractive scripts with special touches including contrasting, tone-on-tone or nuanced edging.

Finally, Chiussi is known for the perfect alignment of stripes and checks on pleats, sleeve plackets and pockets, ensuring absolute matching precision at each point where elements come together.

Sartoria Chiussi, off-the-peg and bespoke tailoring

Chiussi’s tailoring forte is its attention to detail. Handmade buttonholes, exquisite buttons, details stitched by the skilled tailors who create Sartoria Chiussi’s countless models.

Sartoria Chiussi jackets boast a wide range of style options that reflect the Italian tradition of the most classic tailoring.

Step or classic lapel, or a trendier slim lapel, but always with a flower buttonhole; single or double-vent jackets, a Neapolitan cut or a more conventional line to suit the tastes of those demanding men who seek perfection and the pleasure of being well dressed.

Trousers are also handcrafted with an expertise that hallmarks their originality: single or double pleat, or none at all for a more fashionable model.

The cut is the final metamorphosis of the raw yarn, woven and then transformed into an exclusive item made to dress men with sheer finesse. Craft expertise creates jackets and trousers from paper models cut to measure on the customer. The Sartoria Chiussi secret is easily explained: its garments are simply unique.


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